Friday, 5 March 2010

And now for something completely different

Well this was supposed to be college years part deux, however, a) I tire of them and b) my EvE life may be changing completely.

For the purposes of this blog and all future ones concerning current events I have been requested to refrain from naming systems, corps and pilots to protect their innocence (yeah right), but still all names other than my own are fakes.

So, I am hanging out in one of my many comn channels, this one happens to be the Amarrian faction channel, I am somewhat of a regular there. Anywho eventually, as happens to the best of us, I was propositioned by a tall Amarrian gentleman, we shall call him Simon Templar. Anyway he offered me a complete change of life, drop everything move out and live in a 0.0 corp.

Now bit of back history, I have been flying around in EvE after graduating for just under 4 years now and aside from an ill fated corp wormhole expedition I have lived pretty mush solidly in high security space. I am not an avoider of combat, I enjoy highsec wars, I have done can flipping and I have a concise handbook of CONCORD aggression regulations on my bedside table, but, losec? It has never appealed to me, I like choosing when and where I fight, I have always seen passing below 0.5 sec as a shortcut to blobbage insta-death. Yes I run missions, no I dont mine, no I dont scam, yes I do a bit of flippage, I consider myself a highsec Pirate, a mercanary when I want to be an oppertunist.

So when Simon said "we live in 0.0 security" I dont know why but I couldn't give him the straight no answer I should have done. To be honest I do like the romantic image I have painted of 0.0 in my mind, pioneers, people working together to push towards a common goal. I should probably mention Simon has something of a silver tongue, I kept dancing around the subject expressing my dislike, my lack of experience, my worries of 0.0 and it kept coming back to one point that I coudn't push aside, have I tried it, did I know?

So I said yes, although he wouldn't promise to go gentle with me, (yes I did ask) he said he would tutor and let me shelter under his wing. To top it all, hes only gone and recruited the only girl in Amarr channel who can out flirt me :), I shall call her Cherie. As soon as a route is scouted and all are set, off we go.

So I guess I'm off to the big scary 0.0, and from there I shall send my blog in a new and hopefully exciting direction.

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  1. never fear. in 0.0 you control your own destiny. flying around 0.0 is even safer than empire 1.0 if the systems are those under your control, you can actually be polite and say hi etc in local. nothing to fear in 0.0, you should do fine as long as the corp is good that is. Best of luck and gratz on the step forward.