Sunday, 25 April 2010

A new life

I quickly shut down the comn system, canceling the powerup sequence that was awakening my ship, no doubt turning the area around the chief engineer into a no-go-zone for the next few hours. Changing back to more formal attire, I summon my go-between to meet me at the monorail terminal, they say us eggers are all powerful, be that as it may but we wouldn't get anything done without an army of attendants.

Melissa was my primary contact in Soumi she handled all the details that were beneith my attention, a bright young girl of sound Khanid stock, in the weeks I had based here I had got to know enough of her that I could even reference her by name. She awaited me at the terminal, and fell into step as I entered the compartment.
"I am leaving the area as soon as I have my affairs in order, see that the ships are stored well and the crew dealt with, have the level 4 officers reassigned to Amarr Prime."
Leaving her to sort out the necessary arrangements I hurry back to my apartment, packing away takes less time than I had imagined, I hadn't created as big an imprint on the place as I thought I had. Never-the-less I press onwards to the medi-bay.

Clone jumping, one of the supposed wonders of the modern era, allowing a capsuleer to exist as a transient concience, flitting between mortal bodies at will. The very concept of it goes against every teaching and moral fibre I posses, however for the well traveled it becomes an evil we live with.
Stripping back down, somedays I am unsure why I bother getting dressed, I recline back into what I can only describe as a casket, plugging myself in I enter the access codes for my body in waiting, many light years away. The command completes, my world goes black.

The world reappears, blurry and smudged through new eyes.

First thing on my mind, shopping, what can I say its in my DNA. I head straight from the medi bay out into the vast expanse of warehouses, I have my eye on a nice harbinger, a decent choice for a first dip into the unknown I think.
I go for a basic setup, true to what I know, with one alteration, the Micro-Warp-Drive, a technology I usually have little use for but my contacts say will become invaluable in 0.0.
Setting me back a chunk of my hard earned ISKies there she stood, shiny and new, that new ship smell still floating down her corridors.
I undocked from the station straight into the mid day rush, ships everywhere, quite the shock for a girl from the sticks where 3 ships at a gate is a busy day.
The new harbinger handled itself well, as for the micro-warp-drive I have always believed a ship of this size is not built for speed, it feels wrong somehow, but in another way ohh so good. I buy a few additional modules and spare drones. To be quite honest I was floating not too sure what I needed not wanting to overpack, but terrified of forgetting something. Realising all I am doing is delaying myself, I oversee the final loading procedures, then pod up and ship out.

I meet up with my fellow travelers a jump or two out of Amarr itself, Cherie in her own harbinger, and Simon hauling quantities of something out in his Bestower.

I slave my nav computor to Simons and we turn as a one, warping to a point millions of miles from any object revealed on my scanner. A momentry shuddering the very walls quake with the energies pulling me out of warp.

Returning to normality my instruments show wild energy readings, the very fabric of space is wrong my scanner picks up objects that are similtaniously very far away yet right before me, the camera drones are struggling to focus on a, on a what? it was a bubble but seemingly of nothing. I could see around as well as through it, a wormhole, the product of a shockwave eminating from the destruction of a drone hive and the splintering of a planet, but you all knew that right?

Our ships dissapeared into it, my world changed, I left the safety of CONCORD space and entered a beautiful new world, a direct link deep into lawless 0.0 space. You may say it was fortunous, you may say the simplicity of the route was fate, I dont believe any of that tosh.

I allow my ship to be pulled into another warp, and we arrive at what is to be my home for the forseeable future, a small rough collection of structures huddled against the cold reaches of space withing the protective shield of a Gallante control tower. We sit in a high orbit around a small rocky moon, A clear blue oceanic planet hovers in space further away towards the small yellow star, not a spectacular system, but she is beautiful in her own way.

I have to admit as I retire for the night and head for my shipboard quarters, watching the pulsing of the shield twist the form of the moon though my porthole, its oddly bewitching.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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