Saturday, 22 May 2010

Down to Earth (or some Earthlike planet anyway) with a bump.

A flicker of energy ripples across the bubble which forms the visible portion of the wormhole, A sole harbinger class battlecruiser emerges from its depths. Scarred and battered by its last month away from the daily maintenance provided within the station hanger bays the harbinger swings its bulk around and warps away.

An inglorious return perhaps, but nonetheless a valuable lesson learned, namely "Evil Incarn8 does not like 0.0 space".

Simple, blasphemous to many I would wager, yet the truth. Although I cannot place my finger on a reason or reasons why exactly I don't get "it", I can't even say I hated every second, the guys and gals I served with out there were great fun to be around. I shall recall a few instances I particularly enjoyed from my time out there before signing off to return to planning my next experiences.

On one of my first days out here, Simon decided we should go and meet the neighbours, wave the flag, a little light fraternisation as it were. So 5 of us set out in our battlecruisers to travel the 8 or so jumps to the nearest outpost we had docking access at. It was thrill I give you that, knowing that at any gate there could be a fleet a bubble and instant death, jumping in frantically screaming at the scanner to tell me I was safe and not yet to be blasted into atoms. To tell the truth when we finally arrived uneventfully at the outpost I was drained, the very thought of trying to appear upbeat optimistic and chipper to the locals was beyond me. I perused the local stores in an attempt at a little retail therapy shocked at both the lack of stock and the extortionate prices charged this far from a ready supply base. Not before too long we were called back to our ships for the return journey, another bout of paranoia and nerves were wasted on a quiet trip home. A pointless tale of a simple trip you may say, possibly yes, but for me it was my first fleet/gang manoeuvres in 0.0 sec space. Safe once more within the shimmering gossamer bubble of our floating home, I dropped from my pod crawled to the showers and fell asleep beneath its warming jets.

Most of the rest of my time was spent earning the right for our system to be awarded status for improved scanning systems for access to rarer asteroid fields or the more intricately hidden pirate bases. My harbinger proved itself well adept at dispatching the regular pirate patrols throughout the system, even once coming out on top verses one of the Angel Cartels junior officers in a top of the line Battleship.

Another highlight was when we expanded into a neighbouring system that had been vacated by a departing alliance, we had to clear out a starbase they had left behind. I was mightily impressed by the scale of the capital class vessels brought to bear, and the speed at which we dispatched the structures.

Even though these were good times, I have now said my goodbyes to Simon, the new people I had met within the alliance and Cherie who has seemingly embraced 0.0 with a greater vigour than I could, not to mention she has probably been embracing a lot of the alliance members in less public situations as she is that kind of person. I departed 0.0, returning to my old haunts within the safe envelope of the Khanid Kingdom, I am looking for a new adventure...... say, those wormhole systems were very pretty weren't they?

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