Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Back on Topic, AKA Evil Incarn8 the Early Years

This was one of the first blogs I posted on my corp website, Not of the RP persuasion I expected quite a horrifc reception, however I was pleasently surprised by the lack of pages of abuse.

So in line with my congregating everything together I will repost it along with the few others I have written since, here. Be gentle it was the first one I wrote :). It is a general overview of my history up until leaving home to join the Imperial Acadamy.

Ok I'm Evil Incarn8, you all know that, you all know me, thats why you are here. Although Evil Incarn8 is not my birth name, my parents were not cruel, it is the callsign I chose when I left the Imperial Acadamy, my real name is mine alone to know.

I was born on my fathers mining colony on the small boring 3rd planet of the Palas system. He owned one of the largest installations on the planet, producing bulk ores for planetside industry, before you ask, yes he is a holder, you have to be to run an operation of the size he does, he is not a cruel man but still you will not be pursuaded.
It was a system I grew up with, it is the normal I was raised to accept, most of them ran the mines of course, but they took on many other roles across the estate, I had my own personal staff of course, by the age of 12 I had 4 Matari exclusively assigned to me. Can you imagine what a 12 year old girl with total command of 4 people, who will hesitate at nothing to complete her orders, gets up to? No, you probably can't, and you wouldn't believe some of the petty, innane things I thought up for them to do.

As the estate covered such a large area my entire world was contained within its boundaries, me, my father, the assets and various business partners, I considered my childhood lonely but when I now look back on it I realise it was anything but, I was defacto second in command of a community of many thousands.

By my late teens I was starting to think where my life would lead me, being the daughter of a prominant buisnessman and a proud upstanding Khanid woman, I had 3 options;

1) Stay with my father and run the business as my own, this had limited appeal to me, also with my death the business would also die.

2) Choose a husband, this was more of a merger than a romance, I was as much an asset to the business as the Matari were, this I was not gong to do, I had seen some of the most likely candidates, If they wernt inbred then they were doing a good impression of it.

3) Leave and only return as a success or to accept one of the previous options.

I left at the age of 24, I found my way off planet, and to the recruitment center for The Imperial Acadamy, 4 years later I graduated as a Pilot, and thanks to the wonders of the Pod technology I have been 26 ever since.

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