Saturday, 9 January 2010

Evil Incarn8, The Slightly Later Years.

The last few blogs I have posted were a bit of fun, snapshots from a later life, or you could say I had thought them up and couldn't wait to post them :) 

Anyway this one is a return to a chronological biography, I will probably flit between these and the shorter, "action" scenes dependant on my mood.


The story so far:

I am 22 still living on my fathers mining installation on Palas 3, a lone child, but at the center of a community of thousands.

I say I lived with my father, its not really true, I lived on his land, his installation, but it was my own well I suppose you would call it a datcha or ranch house. I had a small staff of 8 to keep it all nice and to do all the house stuff, (I'm still not too sure what they spent most of the time doing).

I meanwhile did what was expected of the daughter of a major player in the planetry mineral business. I held parties, I went to parties, I visted people and held dinners. For the last 6 years since I became old enough to be considered independent. It was great fun in the beginning, a life of glitz and glamour. 6 years however was just about as much as I could take.

I know all you people who grew up "doing stuff" say you had it hard, pft I say. Socialising with endless streams of people who know everything there is to know about rocks, minerals and geology is far harder. To top it off I'm supposed to become this? I'm supposed to pick one of these droning morons to live with, for the rest of my life? no way, I'm outta here.

So, on this one evening I told my father my intentions, he wasn't pleased initially, but eventually he understood, and told me what I knew he must, if I left I could not return until I was as successfull in whatever I became as I was before I left. The next morning I packed a small bag, (well I had one packed for me) and told No32 to drive me to the terminal, I remember No32 as he was the last of my fathers assets I saw. I think he knew I was leaving and that he would be reassigned to the mine when I was gone.

I boarded the shuttle out to the closest station from the spaceport and left Palas 3 for the last and only time, I had been above the atmosphere before, my father had a very literal sence of "seeing where you came from" and suborbit was the only way to see it all at once.

It was a small shuttlecraft trip, and there was only the 4 passengers aboard, my self and a small delegation of businessmen from the Palas 4 gas mining company, I had dined with them the week before, and chatting again on the short trip reaffirmed my desire to escape.

Arriving at Palas2 Royal Khanid Navy Station was quite a shock to a number of my sences, not least of which was my first encounter with a foreigner. Well I say 'a' foreigner, leaving the docking port I was confronted with a wall of them, mostly Khanids but a fair few True Amarrians and I even spied a Civiere working in a cafe.

My initial plan was to get a simple job, (something I had read that people do when they arn't sleeping), I thought I should be good at it, and people once I told them who I was would let me have whatever I wanted. Fat chance. After walking bemused out of the offices of some accounting firm, my true destimy walked straight into me, knocking me down and not even casting a second glance at me.

As I sat there on the floor glaring into the back of this retreating Khanid woman, I saw the crowds part before her and whispers and glances from the people nearby. A nice young man (a True Amarrian gentleman) roused me from my vision, and told me in not so many words to keep out of the way of capsuleers, he also mentioned that it wasnt best to sit on the floor in a crowded walkway.

Well, after an experiance like that, anyone would have heeded the mans advice and gone about their business. Me? of course not, I was still full of myself, that morning I had been Queen of all I surveyed, now I was nothing, knocked to the floor by some woman.
I persued her through the crowd, getting what I assmed were warning glances from some people, others tried to keep up, expecting some kind of spectacle, boy did they get it.

Once I caught up to her I took hold of her shoulder an spun her about, bringing myself up to my full hight, not much but appearances are important, I started yelling about watching where she was going, who did she think she was etc etc. her responce? she rolled her eyes and started to turn away.
Ohh dear, ((here we could use the Kill Bill music where the bride sees each of her killers for the first time)) I grabbed her shoulder again, turning her back around, and rung her one hell of a slap right across her face, the silence that had decended instantly around the hall meant that the echo was audiable to the stunned crowd.

To my, and quite possibly most of the crowds surprise she smiled, then laughed and took me aside to a cafe, waving away the crowds with a simple gesture. Then ordering me what she called a "cawfee" she asked me if I knew anything about capsuleering, obviously I had not so she told a few tales of stars, empires and pretty explosions. She said I had the right attitude to go far, leaving me a datapad with instructions and enough ISK to get to the Imperial Acadamy in Deepari, she stood, looked at me again, half smiled, half laughed again and said "yes, you are definately one to watch, you will go far" then she left.

I finished the horrible bitter nastiiness she had given me, then walked towards the interstellar shuttle port, to go and train at "The Imperial Acadamy" I wasnt just leaving home, the planet, or even the system, I was going to the Amarrian Empire, to train to be a pod pilot.

"Evil Incarn8, Master of the Universe", yes I thought, I can do that.

to be continued.....

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