Thursday, 14 January 2010

Part 3, Biography

[[Ok first up, an apology for those expecting Part 3, "The College Years", I sortof got into the travelling a bit deep and well, I want to do college properly and I expect all you lot want all the dirty details (you perverts), so this one is a travel blog. Hey if LOTR can do chapters of walking so can I :)]] 

So where was I, ahh yes I had just learned of my, well I hesitate to use the word destiny as that sounds all "sword in the stoney" and similar tosh, but destiny is sortof what I mean.

Approaching the desk of the Palas branch of the Interbus, I placed the datapad on the counter and announced that "I want to go there". The lady behind the counter, a Ni-Kunni, who well lets just say she had a face for radio. Looked at me sighed the "its almost the end of a long shift" sigh and picked up the datapad. Returning her gaze to me "payment in ISK?" she exclaimed "Pft, seems somebody has the right connections, a single to Deepari, no return" I am sure she chose to look me deep in the eye on saying "no return" but I was too out of it/crazy/arrogant to care. Taking my ticket and datapad I proceded through into the terminal.

I was standing in the Interstellar Departures lounge of the Palas II Interbus Terminal. With a few minutes to kill I spent awhile browsing the duty(and Sin) free stalls, (well it wouldnt be a Duty free without alcohol and as this is a Khanid Station you have to make allowances, its there purly for visitors on the assumption that any purchases are confiscated by Customs and Exorcision officers upon leaving the store). I bought myself a new Amarrian Edition of the Pax Amarria, (2 additional chapters on Sin, 1 fewer on tolerance of Forigners than the Khanid version I had learned).

My flight was called and I boarded the transport, I wouldnt say full of excitement thats a bit cheesy and you would be expecting that. I would however say full of tierdness, recoving from a caffine hit from that filth I had been given earlier and a little trepidation but that goes without saying really (even tho I realise I have said it but it wouldn't be much of a story if I didn't say stuff would it?) It was my first time not only away from home alone, or even off world, I was leaving my home region everything I knew and understood. One small step for a woman, one giant catchphrase for all time etc etc.

My home for the next week as I traveled to Deepari was to be an old Bestower class hauler, looking for all the world as though it was the original prototype still plodding away hundreds if not thousands of years later. The cargo hold had been cleared out and a few passenger containers installed, not comfortable or spacious but for the 300odd of us making the trip it was sufficiant. We undocked from the station, aligned to the intersystem jumpgate and warped, the world streching around me then twanging back into place as the acceleration finished, my journey was beginning.

I was going to write something about when I first saw a stargate, but other than "wow, it was big" I cant think of much else to put. The captain announced he was about to jump and advised all first time jumpers to remain seated as it could be a little disorientating the first time. This man is also now on my black list, 'A little disorientating'? I passed out and remained unconcious for nearly half an hour. I returned to conciousness under the minstrations of two elderly ladies, I saw elderly its quite hard to tell with the True Amarr, they tend to 'mature' quite early in life. Needless to say I was the subject of some humour for the second time that day. Offering me some sage advice on travel the ladies left me with this one gem, "Some people take it harder than others, gate travel just doesnt seem to agree with you,. Get yourself wherever you are going and find yourself a nice young man with a loose wallet, get yourself set up planetside love, thats my advice." I spent most of the flight in my room, never too sure of how far we had gone or even the time of day.

[[ Approximately 1 week later]]

Another captains announcment, "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Deepari, we are currently aligning for our final approach to the Imperial Acadamy, final stop all change." Rushing to the porthole (on the starboard side but I'm told that doesn't affect the terminology) I managed to gimpse the retreating stargate as we entered warp, but the sky, ohh my God it was the wrong colour!.

The star and moons flashed past before receeding, then the magnificant golden hull of the station came into view, (enter another "Oh my God its huge" here if you want), upon entering the arrivals terminal the datapad litup, announcing that I was to make for the Acadamy portal, I followed its advice chafeing against the voice of that Bitch from Palas that it continued to speak in no matter how many settings I changed. (I know you are thinking "Bitch from Palas? who?" well the pod pilot of course, just because she set me up on my way to Galactic domination providing the means and direction to get me going doesnt mean I have to like her, she still knocked me over, I dont forget things like that.)

Walking through the portal I began my new life, Evil Incarn8(although I hadnt thought this name up yet, I'm still not telling you my real name) College Girl.

Read on next time avid, err reader, for the next chapter in the ongoing saga and text based adventures of Evil Incarn8.

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